Here’s my Top 5 Internet Businesses for June 2012.

Here’s my Top 4 Internet Businesses for June 2012.

I regularly review and analyze different online business opportunities. Here’s my Top 5 Internet Businesses for June 2012.

*** I invest in them all and if I make a very good profit I will show them here. ***

3 Factors Govern the Top 10 Listing

1. Reliability and how long they will survive

Ease to make money Quickly

No Sponsoring people !!!!!!!!!

Started in 2010 This one is just a True Goldmine

These guys have been in Business since 2004 and have finally got it right. They have made an astounding success. I Signed up with them in 2009 and sat on the sideline for years not investing because I had lost so much on previous failed Internet Businesses.

Eventually I thought to myself I could easily waste $1000 on Junk every few months, so why not take a risk that may change my life. That Risk is now Paying me very well.

I was watching my $10 grow for over a year until I took the Plunge and invested $1500 in Jan 12. I am now making over $270 per Day.

I compound my earnings for 5 Days a week (So That my daily earnings keep Growing) and the other 2 Days I send to my AlertPay/Payza account and Pay off my Credit Card.

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I been getting more eMails lately asking about Wealth4AllTeam site and the compensation plan offered with the product!

Let me start by saying Wealth4AllTeam is very well planned in terms of the compensation plan. I have been a member of the site for 6 month now! enjoying my earning and watching my account grow day by day.
You can start with as little as $26 and watch it grow over time!


Lifetime 90 Days and still Paying

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Pretty simple Here Just buy $2 subscriptions and they keep Paying for an Unlimited time. Stan has had some problems recently with some DOS attacks on the website, but he is online again and still Paying well. Keep up the good work Goldenpath


These Guys are fairly new, but they have some very good investors I will definitely be trying them out. Done some thorough Research/Investigation and everything looks very good

silver structure Silver Structure review


In short..everything. More info>>>

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics |

‘KUWTK’: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Reveal Love & It’s Real


You don’t need a body language expert to see that Kim and Kanye are truly crazy about each other on the new episode of ‘KUWTK’!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are in love! On the July 9 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we finally got to see Kimye’s romance blossom! Click here to read more

July 10th, 2012

Happy Birthday Jessica Simpson — Today, July 10, You’re 32 Years Old

Jessica Simpson Birthday

We wish the singer, actress and new mom a very happy birthday!

Jessica Simpson, you won us over with your amazing voice and your great sense of humor. From having hit songs to creating a successful empire, you have many reasons to celebrate! Enjoy your first birthday as a new mother and celebrate with your fiance Eric Johnson and daughter Maxwell! Click here to read more

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JustBeenPaid Review


Just been paid has been having trouble with their script and Payments have been delayed. This is due to massive growth. Now lets face the facts if you are not in on JSS then you just don't deserve to make money. They are truly the business of the decade

How to Find My Google Plus ID (URL Address) | Success Is A Choice

There was a time i needed to find my Google Plus address. Actually, i wanted to display it on my blog. But it was at first a hard task until i figured it out.

First of all, finding your Google+  ID or address will help you to easily share it to your friends or link back to your Google Plus profile. If you manage to link from a high profile page, you will be able to get many Google Plus followers.

Well, the method is simple as explained below


More info>>>How to Find My Google Plus ID (URL Address) | Success Is A Choice.

Blog DoFollow Diver

Blog DoFollow Diver.

The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking - How to make a blog and a blog income

Social bookmarking is a way of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs online.  You might have the best product in the world, but if you can’t generate the traffic you’ve just got a nice website on your hands with no customers.  Even if you have a loyal mailing list you will still need to constantly update this by attracting new online visitors.

There are many options for making connections on social bookmarking sites.  To find the best you need to take your time and surf around.  Once you have researched the best way to start is to set up some social bookmarking accounts that you can use regularly.

StumbleUpon is one of the most popular of the social bookmarking sites which is both powerful and easy to use.  First you need to create an account and then create a toolbar interface.  All that’s left to do is click on the Thumbs Up icon in order to recommend a website.  This can be done for any websites you own and you can also ask your friends to give you the Thumbs Up.  In addition to these ratings you can also add comments (known as discoveries) about your website.

Powerful advice: Do not stumble the same site too many times. Vary your stumbles across a number of different sites. I have had accounts ‘banned’ by StumbleUpon. They don’t really tell you why they have banned your account but I think it was for stumbling the same site too many times.

Can you Digg it? Sounds like a line from a 70s song, but it is actually a very popular social bookmarking site.  Digg works very much like StumbleUpon in that users are allowed to push up the ratings for a particular site so that it reaches the front page.  If you can make it to the front page you will be presenting yourself to thousands of potential visitors and more and more people will start hitting your site to see what you are all about.

Clipmarks markets itself as “scissors for web pages.”  This site lets you submit items that are transmitted to the Internet – including to an iPhone and to Facebook.  It provides a one stop shop and can save a lot of time.

Sign up with OnlyWire.

Start off by installing plugins for your browser.  These allow you to carry out a multitude of functions such as clicking once to submit your item to many sites in one go.  In order for this to work, you will need to join any social bookmarking sites you want to use.  Once that is done, you can use OnlyWire to carry out submissions to these sites.

You will need to ensure that visitors to your site know how they can rate your site.  It is not possible to bribe or reward them for bookmarking your site.  This is the social bookmarking equivalent to stuffing the ballot box.

You can publish links to bookmarking sites as a gentle and polite reminder to your visitors.  Don’t be coy about submitting any updated information to these networks yourself.  You will just need to ensure that you do it in such a way that it doesn’t appear as spam.  If you tell people what you have got and where they can find it there is a good chance they will pass this information on to others.

One tool I use regularly for my personal book-marking and can recommend is Book Marking Demon.

Book Marking Demon allows you to automatically bookmark websites to over 100 book-marking sites in minutes and best of all without spamming.

As a result of using Book Marking Demon, my sites backlinks vastly increase within days.


The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking - How to make a blog and a blog income.

Get Backlinks – Here are the 11 methods and backlink tool I use

In this post I share 11 methods I use but first…what is a backlink:

Simply put, a backlink is a link on a website (including blogs) that leads back to your website / blog.

In search engine optimization (SEO), page rank is at least partially determined by the number of sites that link to yours. It’s important to gain backlinks honestly, and if a lot of other sites link back to you, you will naturally get more traffic to your page.

There is a lot of argument around the quality of backlinks.

We are to believe that a backlink from a website that is in the same niche as yours carries more weight. That would make sense.

Also, we are to believe the higher the Page Rank of the website you are getting backlinks also carries more weight.

So, ideally we want backlinks from websites in our niche and with a Page Rank of 10!

There are not many of those around unfortunately.

My approach is to mix it up and not get too hung up about whether the backlinks are in my niche or coming from very high Page Rank websites. Personally, I have too many other aspects of my on-line business that I want to keep running.

One more thing to mention…

When back-linking try and use the anchor text of your targeted keyword phrase. Read my post on anchor text here: How to use anchor text to your advantage

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